OuiPlease Vol. 1.5 Along the Loire Valley Subscription Box Review and Coupon Code

OuiPlease is a luxury subscription that sends bi-monthly boxes of French goods to your door. While it’s supposed to be bi-monthly, the boxes have been coming more quarterly because of hold ups with customs.

The presentation is gorgeous. It comes in a HUGE box via FedEx and it’s rather extravagantly taped so be careful with the scissors when you’re trying to open it. Inside the giant box is the gorgeous, sturdy and definitely reusable OuiPlease branded box. I love these!

Each shipment is accompanied by a OuiPlease mini-mag that describes the products in your box and also the options that others may have gotten.

The Cost: $150/bi-monthly

What You Get: A unique selection of full sized French products. In addition to all of the hand-selected gifts, your parcel will include the latest issue of our own “OuiPlease” magazine. Explore deliciously simple French recipes, exclusive interviews, style tips, lifestyle pieces, and discover the full range of current products that were distributed across America.

OuiPlease is a very expensive box. When I bought it, I got the yearly subscription which comes with a discount and I also used a 20% off coupon so each box is about $87 for me. I mention this so that you can understand what I spent and how it relates to how I feel about the box.

Salome Charly Lin Bracelet– Made of cherry wood and brass, these are architectural bracelets designed by Salome Cousseau, who was born in the Loire Valley. This is actually quite a dainty bracelet and has three loops so you can select the proper size for yourself.
Value: $55 (OP value: $50)
Princesse Marina de Bourbon Paris Dynastie Mademoiselle– This is a 3.4oz perfume by a lady who married into the French royal line. This version has notes of mandarin, tuberose and amber. The issue with this is that it’s valued at $160 by OuiPlease but is regularly available for under $40 online.
Value: $33 (OP value: $160. Although, I should mention that the one I received specifically says it was made in France. I don’t know if ones off Amazon would be. Therein may lie the price difference.)
Concept Provence Body Milk– This is a body lotion that uses coconut oil and shea butter to moisturize. It’s scented with grapefruit leaves and is without parabens.
Value: $14 (OP value: $20)
Ripauste by Paul Stephan Leather Bracelet in Glacier Blue– I love this!! Yes, I would have probably rathered have a clutch but I love these leather bracelets. I have a red one from a previous box that I wear ALL the time. Since blue is my favorite color, this is definitely going to be well loved also!
Value: $26 (OP value $40)
Historiae Bouquet du Trianon Fragrance– This is a purse spray and it smells absolutely wonderful! I love it. Its got notes of lemon, mint, sandalwood and tuberose. It’s thisclose to being my favorite thing and I’m suuuper picky about my perfumes.
Value: $27 (OP value $40)
Historiae Orangerie du Roy Soap– Notes of lemon, orange, vetiver and musk. This is not… This does not smell good to me. It’s too floral. It smells like my grandma. I don’t really like florals  much. They have to be heavily cut with some other scent for me to enjoy it.
Value: $10
Savor & Sens Tradition Walnut Mustard– Given how much we all loved the sweets included in our past OuiPlease boxes, I’m somewhat surprised that they decided to deviate into savory. This is a mustard with walnut pieces in it. My husband likes it and since he’s the only one who will eat it, that’s a good thing. Interestingly enough, walnut mustard seems to be quite the thing in France.
Value: $10
La Route Des Comptoirs Un.Des.Sens The Vert– This tea is wonderful! It’s a green tea with ginger, star anise and lemon oil and it is quite glorious! I’ve already had one cup and I’m moving on the the second. It’s loose. If you watch the YouTube video, you’ll see what it looks like.
Value: $10 (OP value $30)
VERDICT: I actually really enjoyed this OuiPlease version. Now do I think this was worth the single box price of $150? The grand total using internet prices is $171. The OuiPlease estimations are well over $300 which is what’s promised when you sign up (double the $150 cost). Now do I think that saying a $10 tea is actually $30 is ethical? No. But it’s possible that they like to include shipping and import taxes in the cost to pad their prices. Was this worth it at $87 that I paid. Yes. Absolutely. That’s why I think if you’re going to sign up, you might as well do it for a year and use a 20% off coupon. It makes all the boxes feel worth it.
Of course that’s not a good reason to buy a box. You buy it because you want one and you think you’ll enjoy the contents. I find that some boxes, no matter the cost, are just more valuable when you discover you will use everything. While I won’t personally use everything in this box, what I don’t use will be gifted so its worth it to me.
If you would like to sign up for OuiPlease, you can do that at www.ouipleasebox.com. Use code OUIWHATSUP to get 20% off any subscription.
What do you think of OuiPlease? Hate, love? Ambivelent? Depends?