Jouer Le Matchbox Fall 2015 Spoiler

The Jouer Le Matchbox is a quarterly beauty subscription by Jouer. It features $110 worth of Jouer products and costs $45. The last box featured brand new, unreleased lip colors and this upcoming box features a brand new product just for Le Matchbox subscribers!

I’ve been very happy with the content and quality of the products included in this box. I’ve liked Jouer for awhile, having discovered them via subscriptions but getting full size goodies is even better!

After checking their website, it appears that subscriptions are sold out but they’ll sell a single box for $65 with a value of $100. Personally, I wouldn’t do that but it does make me wonder what’s going on. They just released a spoiler but they aren’t adding new subscribers? And the value is different? Hm.

Anyhoo, what makes Le Matchbox special is that they take your profile answers and assign you either a “cool” or a “warm” color box. I’m a cool. So any color products in my box will have blue/cool undertones. Any color products in a “warm” box will have coral/orange undertones.

Here’s what every subscriber will receive in the Fall box:

The new Jouer Kitten Liquid Liner! I’ve become more and more interested in liquid liners. I’ll be interested in trying this since I just went through ALL my liners and dumped the ones that were dried out or didn’t make a solid line (liquid) and the ones that were dry, tugged and/or there was a color similar that worked better. It was a lot of liners… Haha. So now I guess I need to bulk up my supply again.

What do you think? It’s definitely a more expensive box but it’s also a great way to experience Jouer, as well, without paying even close to full price. Since this will be their third box, I’m really curious to see how they took the feedback from the last few boxes.

I’ve had issues with their customer service via email (non-existent, at least in the form of ever getting a reply) and the value of each box has see-sawed. I can’t deny the product is great, though, so it’s still worth it to me.