SkinnyMint 28 Day TeaTox Review

When SkinnyMint approached me to do a review of their 28 Day Teatox, it was pretty much the perfect timing for it. I had just started getting back to the gym, eating properly and paying attention to the scale. The SkinnyMint Teatox is a simple program involving routine and one of my favorite things- Tea!

What It Is

Each Teatox is compiled of 28 Morning Boost green tea mesh teabags and 14 Night Cleanse teabags. Each morning, get your energy boost from antioxidant packed green tea. Every other night, take a mug of caffeine-free, herbal tea before you crawl into bed.

The most positive thing I can say about these SkinnyMint teas is that they are tasty! This is extremely important in any type of program like this. If you hate to drink it, you won’t do it. And the goal, of course, is to finish! Both these teas are absolutely worth drinking.

Now, let me say that you don’t actually need to “detox” since that’s what your liver is for but a Teatox is a little bit different. I think part of it is the substitution of latte for a tea. Or an energy drink for a green tea. That one thing will make a difference, for sure. Say you normally drink a Tall Vanilla Latte in the mornings. But now you’re drinking a cup of tea instead. You just saved yourself about 4700 calories in those 28 days. That’s over a pound that you didn’t gain. Party!

Also, if you struggle with bloating, you are going to love this. Both teas contain natural plants that help ease the issue.

Morning Boost tastes fresh, tropical and fruity. Grapefruit leaves, strawberries and pineapples are combined with the freshness of green tea. It has mate leaf, green tea, nettle leaf, dandelion leaf and guarana seed. It’s naturally flavored with orange. I add a little honey or lemon and it’s perfect.

The  ingredients list is pretty straightforward. Lots of green tea and then some other herbs.

Night Cleanse tastes fresh and earthy, with notes of lemongrass, ginger and orange leaves. It has senna leaf, ginger root, orange leaf, lemongrass leaf, peppermint leaf, liquorice root, hawthorn berry and psyllium seed. It also has natural lemon flavoring.

I really like this combination of herbs along with the senna. It really gives this tea a great flavor. Plus give me all the ginger and peppermint. So good for the tummy.

My Favorite

Personally, the Night Cleanse turned out to be my favorite. Not only does it have ginger and peppermint in it (I love those flavors), it’s got senna in it which is a natural laxative. It’s very gentle. This tea is probably one of the best (and tastiest) teas of that sort that I’ve ever tried. Not that I’ve tried all of them but I’ve had a couple. This is definitely the best of the bunch. I’m not afraid to say it was probably the best thing ever when that time of the month rolled around. What cramps?! I need more of this.

What It Isn’t

This is not a diet! Keep in mind that the tea itself is not going to cause you to lose weight. Instead it will give you an energy bump to encourage you to be a little more active and it will help keep your intestines clear. It’s not going to burn calories for you or cause all your fat to disappear.

What it will do is give you a routine that leads to healthier living. There’s just something about getting up, knowing you’re doing a Teatox and making that cup of tea that really sets the tone for the day. It was great for my mood and kept me from snacking, too. When you’re full of tea, you don’t really want much else.

At night, it’s also a great finish. I have a huge problem with snacking at night. But if I make my cup of tea and savor it, I don’t reach for a crunchy snack. It’s just an easy way to keep focus. I’m not surprised that it helps people lose weight.


Mentally, there’s just something about using up each teabag or looking in the bag and seeing you’ve got five days left. It’s sort of an encouragement to keep it up just a little bit longer. I can do without that snack for five more days.

This routine, coupled with workouts and careful eating helped me lose 4.8lbs during the month I was on it. That’s kind of a big deal for me. I wanted to lose about ten pounds and now I’m already halfway there! I would actually do the SkinnyMint TeaTox again in a few months for another mental jumpstart.

If you’d like to snag your own SkinnyMint Teatox program, you can do that here.

This tea isn’t cheap. The 28 Day Teatox is $54.90. That makes each teabag about $1.30. But if you are the type that works harder with that sort of incentive, knowing you spent money on it can be a big motivator to keep it up. It’s also delicious tea which helps a lot. There’s currently a “Besties” deal which is two 28 Day Teatox programs for $89 so if you did it with a friend that would cut your cost to $44. Or just keep them both for yourself…

To find more information about SkinnyMint and their Teatox, check out their FAQ page. They have answers to most questions plus some I didn’t think of. Plus there are plenty of success stories of people far braver than me that you can read. I’m not the type to put my bikini pics up!

Have you tried SkinnyMint? What did you think?