Umba Box July 2015 Review ~ Artisan Goods Delivered

Umba Box is a way to get artisan goods every month. Everything you receive from Umba Box will be handmade. This is their way of supporting hard working artists both internationally and within the US. Their story is really amazing and you can read it here.

You can expect to receive any variety of home goods, women’s accessories, jewelry, stationery, and bath products lovingly handcrafted by Umba’s artist partners.

This month there were two products included. When I saw that one of them was a bud vase I was immediately happy. They could have sent garbage bags along with this and I still would have been thrilled. Why? Because I have this weird thing where I love handmade pottery.

The Cost: $30/month

What You Get: Our team of stylists curates 1-3 full size products with a total retail value of over $25 that will introduce you to the handmade movement.

Avior Pottery Bud Vase- I’m a sucker for stoneware like this. There’s something about hand thrown pottery that just appeals to me. Lucky for me, this is a great color and will work perfectly in one of my rooms. Now to decide what to put in it…
Value: $10

Minor Thread Organic Lavender Sachets- I love these so much! I just wish they weren’t lavender. /sigh It seems like everything is lavender. Oh, well. I love the pattern on these and they’re pretty large too. I’d say about the size of my hand. The stitching is perfection. I’m going to put these in my MIL’s birthday gift. She’s going to be 60 and in the hospital on her birthday (getting her knee replaced) but if she’s up to it, we will all be there to help her celebrate.
Value: $16

VERDICT: Since I had no idea what to expect from Umba Box, I think I made out pretty well. One gift and one to keep. Both are well-made and pretty. Plus I like the idea of supporting artisans and craftsmen. This would be a fun box to give as a gift, too. They promise a value of at least $25 so it hits that mark. Since the box is $30 including the shipping, I’d like to see a bump up in the value but I suppose with the emphasis on treating artisans right and paying a living wage, it’s to be expected.

Umba is not just a box, either. They also have a shop with beautiful handmade jewelry, home items, accessories and more.

While I just got one box this time around, I can definitely see myself picking up another one down the line. I like getting eclectic non-beauty items in my boxes sometimes and this box has high quality products.

If you’d like to try Umba Box for yourself, you can sign up here. I believe if you head to their website and sign up for newsletters, they’ll send you a 20% off code so try that. 🙂