Tuesday TidBits

Imgr has a section for Shower Thoughts. These are the thoughts you have while you’re doing something mindless. The things that pop into your head when you’re not really thinking about anything.

That’s what Tuesday TidBits is for me. With maybe a mini-rant and an observation or two tossed in.

Why does it seem like all Prius drivers are slow? Seriously, just because 35mph gives you the best gas mileage on your monitor does not mean you should drive like that when the last four speed limit signs have said 45. *insert grumpy face*

When did the rule about two spaces after a period change? Because I’m not in school and no one told me. I only figured it out when my blog spacing was horribly off and drove me nuts. Heck, I learned to type on a typewriter and it was two spaces then. It was two spaces on the Word Processor. It was two spaces on the Apple Mac in high school. It was still two spaces when I left college. But somewhere between then and now it changed without fanfare. /sigh

Does anyone even use Facebook anymore? I mainly use it to see photos of my niece and nephew. My personal page, I mean. Not my blog page.

Have you ever wondered why wedding rings go on the left hand ring finger? Well, it’s not because there’s a vein in that finger that connect to the heart. Whoops. I shouldn’t argue with my husband when I’m wrong. Haha! After reading up on it, depending on what part of the world you live in, it can go on any finger.