Mishibox July 2015 Korean Beauty Box Review

Thursday, July 23, 2015
Mishibox is a beauty box that focuses on Asian beauty products with an emphasis on Korean cosmetics and skincare. They send full and deluxe sized samples to help you discover Korean beauty. If you want a well-curated box sent to your door each month, you might want to check this out.

I can’t lie, I’ve had kind of an obsession with Korean beauty. Mostly I’ve completely fallen in love with their skincare. So much of it is excellent and at very reasonable prices.

The Cost: $19.95/month.

What You Get: A combination of 4 – 6 carefully curated deluxe-sized samples and full-sized Korean beauty products.

Each box arrives with an information card that explains each item you’ve received and how to use it. This is essential in a beauty box like this because half the time everything is written in Korean. One of the other wonderful things Mishibox does is makes available the English ingredients for the products on their website.

Confume Argan Gold Hair Pack- Repair your hair and get a healthy scalp. This has coconut and almond oil in it, too, to moisturize everything to shiny perfection. This is also a new brand for me and this seems decent. I hate hair stuff, though. Bleh. 😀
Value: $2

Kwailnara Touch Therapy Nose Pack- I love nose packs. They’re Korean versions of the Biore nose strips. Except these smell like chocolate! Totally using it. My nose probably needs one, it’s been awhile.
Value: $1

Kwailnara Hand Essence- This is a new brand for me and it’s really fun to see new brands in a kbeauty box. Not that I have a problem with Etude House and whatnot but I like a little unusual in my boxes. This has three flavors and I received Peach. I’m pretty happy about that because the other ones are Avocado and Blueberry and I’m pretty sure mine smells the best.
Value: $7

It’s Skin Macaron Lip Balm- These are super cute and super popular. I have a couple now but the Green Apple is a new flavor for me! You can also get pineapple, strawberry or grape. Plus I love lip balm and this smells amazing. It doesn’t taste amazing, though.
Value: $6.99

Missha The Style Lip and Eye Makeup Remover- Get rid of your stubborn eye makeup and leftover lipstick with this. Shake it well, then use a cotton pad to swipe away the possibility of raccoon eyes. This is a full size product, so that’s awesome. It’ll take me forever to use it all, that’s for sure.
Value: $6

MJ Care Essence Sheet Mask- I got the Green Caviar version and this is going in my mask stash for sure. For one, it has no alcohol in it! Yay! It also has aloe and sodium hyaluronate for moisture. It does have witch hazel (which does have alcohol in it) but it’s not enough for me to fuss about.
Value: $2

VERDICT: This Mishibox is a well rounded box. The value isn’t spectacular but that’s pretty normal for imported goods. This box is worth about $25. Part of the fun is getting to try new and different brands. I did see a complaint somewhere that the Kwailnara and Confume were from the same brand (Welcos) but that doesn’t bother me. It’s the same thing as Amore Pacific being Laneige. Same parent company, different brands. I like how hard Mishibox is working to get us the more unusual things. Thats hard when kbeauty addicts are involved!

You can sign up for Mishibox here on their website!

What do you think of the box? Yay or nay? I admit I’m so overloaded with kbeauty now that it’s pretty difficult to come up with things I don’t have.