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Memebox x SoothingSista Eyeshadow Quad Review + Coupons

As you know, Memebox has really branched out in the makeup realm. They’ve been working with popular Korean YouTubers and models and US bloggers. While I remain skeptical about some of their house makeup ( the I’m Memebox stuff), I actually love the SoothingSista palette and have been using it regularly. The Memebox x Pony Pink Bloom Quad came out a little while ago and I got the Pink Bloom version. I love that one, too.

Obviously, I have a color bias. My skintone is cool with pink undertones and I always tend to lean toward pinks and purples with some browns and creams tucked in. While blues might look fabulous, they’re a little too outrageous for my neutral loving self. No Nylon palette for me.

The SoothingSista quad has actually become one of my go-to quads for the days I just want to do something quick. It’s easy to use and, don’t laugh, the colors aren’t so pigmented that I have to worry about making sure everything is smudged perfectly or exactly even. Hey, I never said I was a pro. I’m a regular person, I don’t spend ages on my makeup, I don’t try to make a statement with my eyeshadow or lipstick.

The four colors in this quad are Sutro, Valencia, Candy Rain and Bae Area. All are rosy toned neutrals and blend really well. Here’s a stock photo from Memebox:

The case is about the size of my palm and is made of black plastic. It snaps closed but it’s easy to open. I wish it was magnetically closing like the Pony x Memebox palettes but this is definitely secure. It comes with a useless foam eyeshadow applicator but the mirror is nice and large.

Sutro and Valencia are both matte and both VERY similar in color when applied. Valencia is juuuust slightly darker than Sutro. I tend to use Sutro first all over on the lid and then go over it with Valencia everywhere except the inner eye corner and just under the arch of my eyebrow. Both of these shadows blend very well and are easy to work with.

Here are swatches under cool lighting:
Neither Sutro nor Valencia have issues with fallout. That issue belongs to the other two shadows in the quad.

Candy Rain is GORGEOUS! It has great pigmentation and a subtle micro shimmer that is so pretty. I use Candy Rain for the outer third of my eyelid and in the crease. I think this is my favorite shadow in the quad and it works so well with Sutro and Valencia. The one drawback is that it does have a minor amount of fall out.

Bae Area is the glitter bomb. If you don’t use primer, this stuff will end up all over your face, your clothes and your hands. I’m not joking. If you do use primer, it’s still gonna glitter all over but not as terribly. I use this very, very sparingly when I choose to use it and it only goes as a highlight under my browbone because it has very little pigmentation. Basically, if you’re going to a rave, this is the shadow to use. Otherwise… beware.

The same swatches under warm lighting:

The photos aren’t perfect but they do give a pretty good idea of the pigmentation and true color of the shadows. They are not as vibrant as you might think based on the Memebox website photos but that works for me. I like subtle.

If you would like to purchase this SoothingSista x Memebox palette, you can get it right here. It’s $17 which I think is a little steep but you can get 15% off with codes: FANCY or COMEBACK or WELCOME. You can also try LOVEYOURSKIN.

You can also get the #eyelove SoothingSista quad with an I’m Memebox brush set: SoothingSista Palette and I’m Memebox Eyeshadow Brush.

Do you own this palette? What do you think of it? Was your experience with Bae Area similar to mine?

Side Note:
If you spend at least $30, your shipping is free and if you love eyeshadow, I really do love my Memebox x Pony Pink Bloom Quad. Not only is the palette gorgeous with a magnetic clasp but the colors are beautiful and don’t have the issues that the SoothingSista quad does. I need to review that one, too.