Bare Bliss Box June 2015 Organic Beauty Subscription Box Review

Bare Bliss Box is dedicated to sending organic, vegan and non-toxic beauty and skincare products in their boxes. If you’re looking to switch up your current products for more natural ones, this could be the kind of sample box you are looking for.

The Cost: $19.99/month

What You Get: Four to six healthier skincare and makeup products that will change your body and enhance your life.

Lillian Eve Nail Lacquer in “Bliss”

This is a pretty pale lavender. It’s 5-free so you don’t have to worry. It definitely needs two coats and take awhile to dry. I put a clear, sparkly polish over it to give it a little more pizzazz.
Value: $12

Urban Oreganics Cleansing Grains

I like Urban Oreganics. I’ve received some of their full size products in my Kloverbox. The customer service is excellent and I love her product line. These grains can be added to olive oil, green tea, orange juice, coconut milk… Anything you like to make a gentle exfoliating scrub or even a mask. I might try it with avocado and use it as a mask. It’s made with kaolin clay and oats.
Value: $3

Organic Aah Argan Oil

This is 100% Argan oil and is unfiltered and unprocessed. This means that there will be a little sediment and that it will have a slight scent. I’ll be honest. I think it smells like dog poop. It’s a little off putting. But it’s natural and since there’s no added fragrance and it hasn’t been deodorized, it means that it still has all it’s natural anti-inflammatory goodness.
Value: $2

Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos- A sheet of non-toxic, metallic temporary tattoos.
Value: $5


I will be honest and say that I have a hard time loving my Bare Bliss boxes. Especially when I compare them to Kloverbox (which is only $5 more). The best part of this box is the Urban Oreganics Cleansing Grains. They’re fun, unusual and in a nice glass jar that can be reused when I’m finished. I don’t like the fact that a nail polish is the greatest part of the value of the box. And I can’t help it, I think those tattoos are silly but that could just be my age. 😀 The Argan oil is nice but I wish the info card was a little more explanatory. Not everyone is going to see the floaties in there and know what it means. I also wish it didn’t stink so badly.
I just think my $20 could have been better spent. On a different box. Lucky for me, I did not pay full price but I did get a six month subscription.

If you would like to sign up for Bare Bliss Box, you can do that here. I still think Kloverbox is better, though. Bare Bliss has too many tiny samples and the value isn’t nearly as good. I should also say that while I’m picky about ingredients, I’m not concerned about whether they’re organic or not so this box is just a fun diversion and not a way for me to find new natural brands.