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Chococurb Premium Chocolate Subscription Box Review and Giveaway!

If you were looking for a box of fine chocolate, you came to the right place. This is Chococurb, a new monthly subscription box dedicated to providing you with some of the best chocolates you’ll ever taste. They’re based in Seattle (like me!) and this April 2015 box includes some premier Seattle chocolatiers. You can expect to find rich, high quality chocolates, unique tastes and special creations.

Chococurb is a way to pamper yourself or someone you love. It’s a whole chocolate experience and each month, you’ll be tasting some thing new and wonderful. There was no information card and I hope they consider adding one because it’s always nice to know a little backstory behind some of these chocolate companies.

The presentation is perfect and helps to make this a unique and beautiful gift. Don’t forget Mother’s Day is coming up! This also would make a great gift for a co-worker or a business related “thank-you” type of thing. I wonder if they will offer a way to add a gifting note because this box is truly an excellent all-around gift.

The Cost: $35/month.

What You Get: An assortment of 5 to 7 chocolates or chocolate related items. These items can come from small, local chocolatiers to more established, national brands.

Theo Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar-3oz- Theo is the first Organic and Fair Trade fair for Life Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Factory in North America. Their chocolate factory is in downtown Seattle and you can get tours if you want to. Theo prides itself on adhering to the strictest organic rules so your chocolate will be pure and delicious every time.
The Raspberry bar uses 70% dark chocolate, freeze dried raspberries and ground vanilla beans. Needless to say, it’s pure heaven. It’s deliciously dark with the tangy bite of fruit. It’s one of my favorite bars.
Value: $4

Pacari Organic Chocolate in Andean Blueberry- Another fruity bar! This one is made with 50% cacao and dehydrated wild blueberries. This is an Ecuadorian chocolate that is also organic and fair trade. Every step of the process, from tree to bar is done in Ecuador. This is not as dark as the Theo and the blueberry flavor is subtle and perfect.
Value; $5.99

Taza Dark Chocolate Mexicano in Cinnamon- These are two chocolate discs. The only ingredients are stone ground Dominican organic cacao beans, cane sugar and ground cinnamon sticks! Taza uses a stone ground method that gives their chocolates an intense flavor and distinctive texture. This is also organic, direct trade and non-GMO Project verified.
Taza has a unique history as an American chocolate factory that was started after the founder made a trip to Mexico and discovered the art of stone grinding and the excellent flavor of the chocolate produced from it.
The suggested use for this is to make hot chocolate. I’m definitely going to. There are two rounds in the package, one to eat and one to drink. Mmm!
Value: $5

Alma The Milk Chocolate Almond Mini- Ahhh, I adore Alma. I received them in a Portland-centric box not too long ago and fell in love. If you want to experience chocolate perfection, you’ve got to try this brand. They’re based in Portland and combine their organic, single state chocolate with toffees, nuts and spices that will knock your socks off. Or at least leave you drooling for more.
This bar is milk chocolate with dry roasted almonds and burnt sugar almonds. I think it might be the perfect combination. Plus… burnt sugar almonds?! Give me more.
Value: $5

Tisano Chocolate Tea in Vanilla Cacao- Here’s one more thing to love about this box. This is something new and unusual for me! It’s tea with chocolate. It has 100% organic Tisano Cacao shells, Organic Rooibos and organic vanilla. That’s it. This is a sample size but it’s easily got eight uses in it at 1 tsp per 8oz of water. This will satisfy a chocolate craving without any of the calories. 😀 I’ll have to update after I try it.
Value: $3.95

Frans Chocolates Gray Salt Caramels in Dark Chocolate- If you’ve never had Fran’s chocolates, you are in for a treat. She’s been making chocolates in Seattle for 32 years and is widely considered one of the best chocolatiers in the US. Her caramels are to die for. Also, ridiculously expensive. Oh and her Gold Bars with Almonds… /drool. I’m not a fan of salted caramels but with Frans, I just scrape it off and enjoy the rest. I feel kinda bad about that because my mom would croak if she knew. She loves salted caramels. I have so much other chocolate now, maybe I should save these for her. Or I could just get her her own Chococurb box.
Value: $6.75

VERDICT: What’s not to love about a box of quality chocolate!? This is probably the most delicious box I’ve ever received. The chocolates are high quality and conscientiously produced. They’re from independent manufacturers with stories behind their passion for chocolate. You’re not going to find a Hershey’s bar in this box. Thank goodness. This is a luxe chocolate box. For spoiling yourself or treating someone you love to something wonderful. The value on this box, including shipping is $35. I would expect, with something like high end, niche chocolate, the value to meet the price paid for it and this box does. Plus the packaging is so perfect, too. Especially for a gift.

If you would like to try Chococurb, sign up here on their website. Make sure to use coupon code BITSNBOXES at checkout to get $10 off your box. I’m pretty sure I’ll be sending one to my mom because I know she would love it and $10 off is an amazing deal.

When you subscribe, you’ll be asked to fill out a “Chocolate Profile” and your box will be customized as much as possible to your tastes! I love dark chocolate and that’s why I received so much dark chocolatey goodness. In my mind, that makes this box even more perfect.

Guess what!? Chococurb is giving you the opportunity to WIN a chocolate box of your own! One lucky winner will receive a box of chocolate to hoard or share as they like. This giveaway is available to US residents only (including Alaska and Hawaii).

*This giveaway is sponsored by Chococurb. Chococurb will be responsible for prize fulfillment. Void where prohibited. Please enter responsibly. Duplicate entries will be removed. Winning entry will be verified. By using the Rafflecopter widget, you are agreeing to it’s terms and conditions.