Candy Club April 2015 Candy Subscription Review and Coupon Code

So, I’m just going to say one thing– Beware of addiction! The April 2015 Candy Club was basically made for me. I love candy. I love candy more than chocolate. Yes, sacrilege I know but there it is.

Candy Club sends high quality candies to your door every month. Three pounds of candy. Since three types were sent, it must be a pound each? Its basically bulk candy awesomeness packaged for our easy consumption.

Included is an information card that tells about each kind of candy included and on the back has all the nutrition information and ingredient lists for each one.

The Cost: $27.99/month plus shipping.

What You Get: Up to three pounds of quality, name brand candy from timeless classics to contemporary favorites with a small bonus treat and a “splash” each month.
Haribo Gummi Techno Bears– I’m just going to say that I love Haribo gummy bears. I’ve never had (or heard of) their Techno Bears but they are just as tasty. They’re actually much larger than the regular Gold Bears but still have the same chewy stiffness. I think they don’t have quite as much “fruity” flavor although the purple ones are strongly pineapple and my favorite in this bunch.

Gimbal’s Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans– This is a San Francisco jelly bean company and they’ve been making beans for over 100 years! There are 12 flavors in this batch: blueberry, pomegranate, grapefruit, cherry, apple, mango, strawberry, lime, grape, lemon, tangerine and watermelon. I’m just going to say that it’s not exactly easy to figure out which is which! These are nice and tart, too. My favorite. I loooove sour candies!

Sour Power Wild Cherry Belts– Speaking of sour, these babies are hardcore. Seriously. I can only eat one (they’re pretty long) and I feel like my limit of sour has been reached. You can only eat so much sour before it starts to feel like the roof of your mouth has been scraped off and your tongue is dying. These are perfect!

Sweet’s Salt Water Taffy in Cotton Candy– Every Candy Club box will contain what they call a “Splash.” A double handful of loose, individually wrapped candy tossed into the box. This splash might have been the best thing in the box. I loved these! Sooo goooood!

Butterfields Peach Buds– This is the bonus for the month of April. These are delicious! So peachy! Like actual peach not fakey, gross peach. Yum!

VERDICT: I loved this box! I mean, I love candy so it was going to be somewhat hard to screw up for me but still. This is going to last me a long time, it’s a TON of candy. Omnomnom. I’m not saying its healthy or anything but my soul is happy. I think it’s pretty expensive at over $30 including shipping. I’m not saying it’s not a good deal, it probably is considering buying bulk candy myself would run $10 or so a pound. I wouldn’t mind if they had a $20 offering that was just two kinds of candy and a “splash.” I got this with a coupon for $15 off and it was worth it at that price, definitely!

Use code HELLO15 to get $15 off your first box. Sign up here at Candy Club. They ship right away and while you do need to email to cancel, customer service is quick and responsive.