Box O’ Munch February 2015 Classic Box Review and Coupon Code

Box O’ Munch sends huge boxes of candies and snacks to your door every month.  This is my second month and while the first month was pretty impressive, I’m still not sure what to think of this February 2015 box.

There are three kinds of boxes you can get.  Classic, which is what this review is for, Chocolate and Healthy.  Since I already get a healthy snack box and I don’t really like chocolate I went for classic and this time around it’s mostly candy.

The Cost: $20 plus shipping

What You Get:  Each box has 10-15 full size portion snacks equating to roughly two pounds of snacktasticness.

Brachs Cherry Vanilla Caramels–  This is a full size bag of candies which is pretty awesome.  Not really my type of snack but it’ll make other people happy.

Utz Potato Chips– Hm.  These are expired which is not awesome.  At all.  Especially because it makes me suspect everything else in the box.  Also, they’re crunched to inedible bits because of the lack of packing filler.

Skittles Dessert– A full size pack of Skittles.  I’ve never tried this version so it’ll be fun to see what I think when I get around to opening them.  This box has seriously so much candy, I can’t believe it.
Loli Straw Candy Stick– I’ve never heard of this but it’s a rainbow color candy stick.  I’m so eloquent… Haha!  It’s broken because the box is way too big for what’s put inside and they don’t use any kind of buffer.

Wonka Spree Candies– I love Sprees!  I already ate them except for the purple ones because I hate grape flavor.

Laffy Taffy–  Three sticks of Laffy Taffy in Blue Raspberry, Strawberry and Mystery Flavor.  I haven’t had this stuff (and never in stick form) in at least a decade.  Or two.  Oh, man, I’m getting old.

A little orange stick like a pixi stick but not.

Angry Birds Fruit Snacks– I really like fruit snacks but these were hard as a rock.  After the expired chips, I didn’t want to eat them.  Tossed.

Whirly Pop– Cute!  I hope it’s Root Beer flavored.

Aunt Sally’s Creamy Pralines– This was not what I was expecting.  In my mind pralines have big pieces of pecans (or whole) and a little… not crunch but almost.  These are mooshy, don’t taste right and have tiny specks of pecans.  My problem is that I’m used to homemade pralines so I know what the best taste like. 🙂  I’ve got grandma’s recipe but no one makes them like she does.

Reeses Peanut Butter Hearts– A King Size package with two Reeses hearts inside.  I’m going to commit blasphemy here and say that I don’t like Reeses peanut butter cups.  I know.  Something is wrong with me but there it is.

Jolly Rancher Dippers– These are Valentine card candies.  You know, the kind you give away in school?  I got two watermelon apple and one grape cherry.

Wonka Fun Dips– Well these bring back some memories!  I got Cherry and Raspberry Apple.  These are also Valentine cards.

Pop Rocks Bubble Gum–  Poprocks are so fun and I’ve never had a kind that turns into gum.  I want to try these but my nephew will be WAY too happy if I give him these.  I’m a good auntie and I’ll save them for him.
Now and Later Candies– I like Now and Laters and got some in my last box.  I used to buy these at Bartell Drugs when I was a kid.  This box came with Wildberry and Cherry/Apple.

Pelon Mini– I don’t know what this is but I think I’ll pass on it.

Assorted small candies that are considered extras.

VERDICT:  While I like the premise behind Box O’ Munch, I think that, at least this month, the execution leaves a lot to be desired.  Yes, I got 2lbs of snacks but there wasn’t much variety this time around because they’re all sweets.  Secondly, this does not even come up to value.  The box costs $20 and shipping is extra.  This box barely hits the $15 mark, if that.
Not only that but receiving expired product calls into question everything else in the box.  The rest of the expiration dates that I found were fine.  All later in 2015 but I don’t like knowing that expired product made it into the box.  Not a vote of confidence, that’s for sure.  Also, strangely, the last time I got my box, several items had be crunched to bits by being tossed around in a box too big for it’s contents with no protection at all.  I was told this was because they had been sent bigger boxes than usual.  Since this months box is exactly the same size and still didn’t have any packing filler to protect the items inside, I’m beginning to doubt that answer.  It may be they’re still trying to use up those same boxes but it wouldn’t be hard to add in some plastic air puff pockets or something!  Color me not impressed.

If you would like to sign up for Box O’ Munch, you can do that here.  If you do sign up, make sure you use coupon code: WELCOME to get 20% off your box.