Urthbox February 2015 Classic Small Box Review and Giveaway ~ Snack Healthy!

Urthbox is a snack box subscription that sends primarly non-GMO, Organic and All Natural snacks each month.  This review is for the Small Classic box but they have several options, including a Mini box and a HUGE one for offices.

Since there are SO many box sizes and options, you should check out their website and see for yourself.  You can get Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Healthy style boxes along with your size choices.The Cost: $29.99/monthly ~ A six month subscription brings the cost down to $19/month.

What You Get: Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Diet box options will send you foods, beverages, snacks and more that are NON-GMO, Organic and All Natural focused right to your door every month.  The Small box promises 8-10 full size items.

Oskri Crunchies Pecan and Raisins-Pecans, Raisins, Rice Syrup, Rice Crisp, Honey, Cinnamon, Sea Salt.  I hate pecans so I gave these to DH.  He said they had a weird texture but he ate them anyway so they can’t have been too bad.

Purps Vita Drink Mix–  This is made with organic mangosteen, maqui berry, açaí berry, blueberry, grape and blackberry.  You dump it in your drink and enjoy.  It seems like it would taste good but I haven’t tried it yet.

Purity Organic Watermelon and Strawberryade–  This is made with watermelons and strawberries, with organic grape.  It’s really only 20% juice but it’s tasty and I sliced up some strawberries and dropped them in.  It’d make an excellent drink mixer, too. Heh… 😀

Pork Clouds in Malabar Black Pepper–  Puffy fluffs of pork rinds!  I actually like pork rinds and these are tastily peppery.  I think pork rinds are kind of a love them or hate them type thing.  I think they’re delicious.

Crispy Green Crispy Fruit in Cantaloupe–  All natural, freeze dried cantaloupe.  I hate cantaloupe for some reason but DH loves it so I gave these to him.  He said it was weird to eat something that tasted just like cantaloupe but was crunchy.  His brain had some issues, I guess.

Made Good Strawberry Granola Minis–  These were good.  At first I thought the texture was really odd, chewy but crunchy at the same time.  It grew on me though because they tasted great.

Nothing But Granola Cookies in Cherry Cranberry Almond– I liked these, too.  They remind me of Kind bars.

Nunes Farms Sweet Chipotle Almonds– I gave these to my husband because chipotle is not my thing.  Plus he was saying he was hungry and I didnt feel like going down and making him anything so I handed these over for him to snack on.  It worked and he stopped asking what was for dinner.

Bounce Natural Energy Ball in Coconut Madacamia Protein Bliss– These are made with whey protein which is good.  I can’t do soy.  Still, I gave this to DH because he enjoys protein bars more than I do and he likes coconut.  Plus, I still feel bad about eating all the good jerky from so many jerky boxes.

Bakery On Main Gluten Free Granola in Apple Raisin Walnut–  We haven’t tried this yet.  It’s non GMO and gluten free, though.  It looks good but that’s all I can say right now 🙂

Unreal Peanut Butter Cup– I saved the best for last.  Um.  They don’t call these Unreal for nothing. Yeah.  I inhaled it.  It was amazing. It was delicious.  It has nothing bad in it.  It’s all real food with no colors or weird preservatives.  I need more.  I *neeeeeed* more.  I looked up this company and they make candy.  I want to try it.  All.  See, this is why snack boxes are bad so good!  You find things you never knew you couldn’t live without.

VERDICT:  This box was packed with products which I think is awesome.  However, I’m a teensy bit confused because these are all snack sizes and the Urthbox website says “full sizes!” all over it. Maybe my idea of full size and Urthbox’ idea are different.  And I have to be honest, for $30, there should be some bigger sizes in here.  Luckily, I used a voucher and paid $12 on Plum District so it wasn’t full price.  Even so, this is a fun way to experience new snacks, especially if you are looking for healthy alternatives to things like Cheetos and Pepperidge Farm cookies.

Since I am not a gluten free or vegan eater and I don’t always care whether things are natural, maybe I’m too critical or am not in tune with how these types of items are priced but $30 for 11 items seems awfully steep to me.  It’s definitely a better deal if you choose the longer subscription.

My favorites were the Unreal Peanut Butter Cup, Purity drink, the Made Good Strawberry Minis and the Pork Clouds. I do like to subscribe on and off to healthy boxes like this because it’s always good to find alternatives.  I just don’t like it when they get too weird.  I’m not a big fan of eating spirulina or wheatgrass, no matter how good it is for you.  I want to enjoy my calories, not have to plug my nose while I glug them.  Haha!  But the Unreal Peanut Butter Cups?  I’m all over those.

If you want to sign up for Urthbox, you can do so at their website www.urthbox.com.  Use code CRUNCHWEEK to get $10 off your first box!

Today is your lucky day!  In keeping with my Blog Anniversary Celebration I am giving away a February 2015 Classic Box!  Since there are over 30 types of snacks sent out each month, your box will likely not be exactly the same as mine but hopefully you can find something to love!  This is available to US residents only.

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