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Stick in a Box Beef Jerky November 2014 Review + $20 Off Coupon!

Stick in a Box is here to cater to all your carnivorous cravings. This is the subscription box that will constantly supply you with mouthwatering awesomeness every month. If you are a beef jerky fan like me, you’re going to love this.

Stick in a Box sends beef jerky packages right to your door. They find small batch, fun and interesting jerkys, along with some big name brands tested for beefy goodness. You’ll get at least three bags of jerky in each box plus as many sticks and slabs as can fit without the box exploding.

The Cost: $35/monthly to $25/mo with a year sub.

What You Get: At least 3 bags of jerky plus sticks and slabs from both name brands, and small batch companies, in traditional and out of this world flavors.

Divine Bovine Hot and Tangy Teriyaki Beef Jerky-Hot &Tangy Teriyaki flavor is drenched in a mild blend of savory spices and “Pop’s” unique recipe, a wild fiery hot and sultry flavor combining the sweetness of pineapple juice with the fire of chili peppers.
This was too spicy for me but my husband really liked it.
Value: $8.99

Wild Bill’s Teriyaki Beef Jerky-Sweet, it’s savory, and packed full of rich flavor in every bite. This one was actually my favorite just because it wasn’t spicy. It was hard as a rock, though, and some pieces were hard to chew. Didn’t stop me from eating it…
Value: $5.50

Banzai Jerky Spicy Teriyaki- This was way too spicy for me. I think this was the spiciest of the bunch. DH enjoyed it, though. Of course, he said it wasn’t spicy at all. I could smell the spicy! This jerky has a great texture, soft and chewy.
Value: $8

Banzai Jerky Teriyaki Bacon Jerky- Now, THIS is amazing. This might be the best thing in the box. It was so delicious! I had to share and I felt very awesome about doing it. You know, like I’m the queen bestowing favors on a lowly subject. Sharing was very, very hard. I didn’t know bacon could be jerked but it can and its delicious. I wish there was more.
Value: $4.50

Jedidiah’s Beef Brisket Jerky in Sweet and Spicy- This was in really thin flat sheets. I didn’t eat it because, once again, too spicy. It wasn’t DH’s favorite but he ate it. Maybe it’s the cut because the flavor is fine. On their website they have several cuts, and I think I would like the Cowboy cut better than the brisket one. But still, I wouldn’t know that if I hadn’t tried this one!
Value: $6.99

KickAss Garlic Beef Sticks 2 pack- These tasted like smoked hot dogs. I’m not saying that like its a bad thing. They were tasty and edible, of course. I prefer the ones that are more flavorful and… drier? These were juicy, moist sticks.
Value: $2.50

KickAss Original- This was my favorite stick. It was drier than the Garlic ones and I liked the flavor better.
Value: $1.50

VERDICT: Loved the teriyaki theme! I had a lot of fun with this box. My husband was just glad there were more jerkies that I couldn’t eat (spicy!) so he got more. That’s the good thing about having such variety, there’s something for everyone.
I thought this was a great box, well curated and no jerky tasted the same even though they were all a version of teriyaki. Also, the value this month is there. Since this is a curated box with artisan contents, the box should at least meet the value paid for it and it does!

If you’ve got a list of people you are hunting down gifts for, you should consider Stick in a Box. It’s a great box to get every month and it’s actually quite a lot of fun to taste test everything. I’m going to be getting one for my dad because he really, really loves beef jerky.

Sign up at Stick in a Box and choose your subscription. The website is pretty hilarious and full of silly innuendos so be prepared. These guys definitely like to have fun with their jerky.

Use coupon code BFF to get your first month for only $15!! Now *that* is a deal you shouldn’t avoid. All that meat for only $15?! Worth it for sure.