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Peach and Lily SEOULcialite Fall 2014 Inaugural Box

Peach and Lily is a beauty e-commerce site based in the US that sources innovative and high quality beauty products from Asia.  All of their products come straight from Korea, Japan or other Asian-inspired beauty brands from around the world.  All their products are chosen for their quality, ingredients and formulations.

For the first time ever, Peach and Lily curated an Asian skincare and beauty mystery box!  Called the SEOULcialite box, it sold out fast when the spoiler of banila co. Clean It Zero was released.
These boxes are not subscription boxes.  They are one time, limited edition curations and there is no commitment to purchase any further.

The Cost: $49.00

What You Get: Each box will contain 6 full-sized products, a travel kit, a special surprise gift, plus free shipping.

These shipped out Priority 2-Day shipping so you know that wasn’t cheap!  I was really happy because their offices are in New York and I’m clear across the continent in Seattle.  That kind of shipping is the BEST!

I’ve been anxiously awaiting this box because I’m slightly (haha!) obsessed with Korean skincare and Memeboxes.  I admit I want to do a little comparison although the SEOULcialite box is the price of two normal Memeboxes.  We will see!  A handwritten note is a serious step up!

First, the box itself is gorgeous!  It has a flap that magnets closed and is beautifully embossed under the lid.  I am going to put this to good use storing some of my copious amounts of skincare products!

The Seoulcialite box was designed to give us access to the latest products before they even go up for sale on the Peach and Lily website.  Everything is hand picked from their latest trip and the products in this box are some of their favorites for Fall.

Banila C. Clean It Zero–  This is a sherbet textured cleansing balm that melts into a heavenly oil and leaves zero traces of make up.  It has acerola and papaya extracts which work to nourish and brighten your skin while dissolving impurities.  This is a non-irritating formula that’s ideal for all skin types.
Use this first in your cleansing routine, then follow with your favorite water based cleanser for the most thorough cleaning and the best looking skin.
I’m a little scared to use this because it’s oil.  I think I have a mental thing for putting oil on my face although I know it’s not actually bad for my skin or anything.
Value: $22

Cremorlab Triple Bright White Bloom Floral Cream– This will revive dull skin and leave it radiantly translucent, baby soft and firmer from the inside out.
Formulated with Cremorlab’s exclusive TEN Thermal water and a medley of floral extracts, this cream gently evens skin tone and corrects hyperpigmentation.  The White Bloom Floral Cream also has a Soft Firm Matrix Technology to soften your skins outer layers while strengthening the inner ones.
I was afraid this would be too flowery for me since I hate floral scents but it is very, very light.
Thankfully, because I’m excited to use it!

Value: $72

Be the Skin Non-Stimulus Face Polisher– A peeling gel that exfoliates with gentle botanicals- no harsh or irritating granules.  Apply this to your face, wait 30 seconds then rub the gel off in rolls. Your skin will be smooth, radiant, nourished and revitalized.
This sounds like the Sonya Dakar Flash Facial that I love!  It pills up when you rub it after a minute or so. This has some antioxidants from plant extracts and a little sodium hyaluronate in it.  I wonder how effective that will be in what is basically a wash off mask.  I’ll have to use it and see!
Value: $29

Mizon Correct Combo Lip Gloss– Paint on a pout that’s vibrant and hydrated.  Formulated with intense pigmentation and high-shine, this gloss has natural ingredients to also give you a hydrated smile all day long.
Of course I got Coral (orange).  I’m not even going to bother trying it.  Do people really wear orange? I am surprised a US based company would send orange but maybe it’s just me and my skin tone that can’t get away with it.
Value: $16

Mizon Vita Lemon Sparkling Powder– This is a fizzy, pore-purifying powder.  The vitamin infused lemon powder uses carbonated bubbles to deeply cleanse your pores.  The fizzing is supposed to cast out build up and dead skin cells.  After cleansing and before toning, mix this up in a bowl of water then pat on your skin and massage.
This seems like kind of a nuisance but that doesn’t mean I won’t try it.  The directions say to mix it in your sink but Ew, gross, no way!  I’ll make it in a bowl.  I’m kinda curious just to see how it feels.
This does have kaolin and bentonite clays in it, as well as volcanic ash, sodium hyaluronate and hydrolized elastin.  Sounds pretty fun!
Value: $3

Peripera Smoothie Waterproof Pencil Liner–  This is a smooth-gliding, long-wearing, easy-off eye pencil.  It’s a shimmery black gel liner that glides on easily and can be blended into a creamy shadow if you prefer.
So normally I’m not a fan of black eyeliner.  But this is a sparkly black!  It really does go on easily.
My only quibble is that “easy off” is kind of a misnomer.  It’s not easy to get off and when you get the black off, the sparkles still stick!  I guess I don’t really mind because sparkles are fun but I’ll definitely be using this on Halloween.
Value: $12

Cremorlab Travel Kit– A packable pouch with some travel sizes of Cremorlabs best selling skin care.
This has two deluxe samples and three foil samples inside a cotton zipped pouch.  The deluxe samples are White Bloom Foam cleanser (for brightening, smoothing, cleansing and moisturizing) and an Essence Toner (for soothing, refreshing and highly effective hydrating).  The foil packets are Fresh Water Gel (for hydrating, soothing and revitalizing), Aqua Essence Water Fluid (anti-wrinkle, whitening and hydrating), and Smooth Pudding (hydrating, nourishing and anti-wrinkle).
I’m really excited to try all these because Cremorlab is new to me and if it’s awesome then I will have found another great brand for myself.
Value: $17

There also was included a small surprise that was attached to a riddle.  Something sailors wear for good luck.  The answer is Aquamarine.  What I received is earrings!  And what a statement pair they are. 😉

A very gaudy pair of New Fashion earrings.  Blue stones with crystal feathery looking bits sprouting out of the bottoms.

Heh! I did smile when I saw them, though.  They’re pretty ridiculous!

VERDICT:  Overall, Peach and Lily curated a great box.  I will use and enjoy everything included except the orange lip gloss.  I admit I wasn’t expecting makeup and while I don’t like the lipgloss, at least the liner is sparkly.  I could have done happily without either one but that’s because I prefer skincare over anything else.
This box had a cleanser, a peel off mask, a carbonated face dip, a moisturizer, two makeup items and a travel set that includes another cleanser and an essence.  Two Mizon products and two Cremorlabs mean I wish there was a little more brand variety.  I’m not complaining about either one just that I wish there had been a more diverse selection of brands to try.
I love the travel kit and I may start with using that before anything else!  Now on to the question of my day.
Was this box worth it?  Was it worth the price of two Memeboxes? Since these were new to me brands, in that sense, yes, it was.  Monetarily, this box has a value of over $150 so it was a good value according to the pocketbook.  For a first experience with a box that’s not Memebox?  Yes, it was worth that, too.  Would I get the next box? Hm.  Maybe. Tough call.

GUESS WHAT!!?  Peach and Lily have posted on my Instagram that they will be RESTOCKING this box!!  They’ll be letting newsletter subscribers know so get over there and put in your email address so you can get notice the second it’s back up for sale!
Here’s the link: Peach and Lily Seoulcialite Box.  Scroll down to the end of the description and you’ll see a small pink box that says: This Item is Sold Out! Notify Me When Available.
Put your email in and you’ll be on the list and in the know! Use my referral link and get $10 off your $50 order.

What about you? Did you get this box?  How did you feel about it?  This is a much classier box than Memebox but there is the price you pay for that.  What did you think?