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Nina Garcia Quarterly #NGQ03 Review

It’s my Nina Garcia #NGQ03 Box!!!  One thing I love about Quarterly boxes is that they really make you feel like you are opening a real gift, card included.

Lots of little presents to unwrap!  It makes it really fun.  I always open everything very carefully to get the most out of my anticipation.  Yes, I already knew what was in here but it’s still fun to guess what everything is as I unwrap it.
Here is my fully unwrapped box!  This is a lot of products and there is a lot to talk about with what has been included.  This box has some definitely polarizing contents.  It’s also worth quite a bit more than I paid for it.  But then again, value is always relative.

The Cost: $100/quarterly

What You Get: A box curated by Nina Garcia herself!  Expect style, beauty and home items along with a letter explaining why she chose what she did.

Koku Myrto Clutch–  This pouch was made especially for Nina Garcia by Koku.  Koku is a Greek company run by two fashion designer sisters.  This clutch is 100% cotton with raffia edging and a plexiglass shark.  It is handmade and no two will be exactly the same.
This is not my type of thing.  It’s very well made but well, a shark?  Raffia piping?  Eh.  Although Nina Garcia seems to like sharks because last time she had a shark tooth necklace.  I don’t really see anything fashionable about this either.
Value: ~$100
Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator– Moisturize summer-crisp hair with this conditioning treatment.  Get rid of frizz and split ends and reveal  healthier, shiny hair.
I don’t really like hair products but I know its not something I can avoid in subscription boxes.  This one, however, gets absolutely rave reviews so I am going to try it!
Value: $19.99

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30 Spray–  I love spray sunscreen.  Love it.  I also love the way Hawaiian Tropic smells.  It smells amazing and even Nina Garcia thinks so, too, saying that the scent of Hawaiian Tropic embodies the scent of summer for  her.
I don’t care that you can buy this in a drugstore.  I want products I can use in my subscription boxes and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest that I could get this at a Bartell Drugs.  You have to buy sunscreen every summer and this time I got one in a Nina Garcia box.  Guess I don’t have to make a special trip for it!
Value: $8.99

Surya Brasil Organic Shaving Gel–  I think Nina Garcia had fun “taking us to Brazil” with this box.  While its not what I was expecting, I giggled when I saw the brand name of this product.  I really like this brand.  I have been happy with the moisturizing lotion from Surya Brasil so the shave gel is going right into my shower for immediate use.  It smells amazing!  And perfect for a summer box, too.
Value: $19.99
Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray– This is a dry shampoo in a travel size.  Not only does it absorb oil at your roots but also adds volume and texture to your hair.  Nina Garcia actually uses this product and recommends it.  I like that.  I did see an article about her and what she keeps in her bathroom and this was on her shelf.
Value: $12.50

Formula X for Sephora in Push Your Limits– I hope Nina always puts a polish in her box.  I love this bright color and is super summery.
Value: $8.50

Calvin Klein CK One Lipstick in Dollface–  I was really hoping I would get this color!  Yay!  I didn’t know Calvin Klein made beauty products.  All I associate with CK one is the Brass Plum in Nordstroms and that unisex fragrance they came out with in the 90’s.  This is sooo pretty!
Value: $16
Love it!
Print All Over Me Palm Tree Print Clutch–  This also appears to be exclusively made for Nina Garcia because the PAOM website doesn’t even sell clutches!  This is for holding your summer essentials.  Yes, the Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen spray fits in here 🙂
I personally think this is the ugliest thing ever.  There’s no accounting for taste, I suppose.  Mine or anyone elses (including Nina Garcia’s).  It’s very well made and sturdy so it *is* perfect for hauling things to the beach and throwing it on the sand.  But… so uglyyyy.
Value: ~$35

Otterbox Symmetry Series Brazillian POP! Phone Case for Iphone 55s or Samsung Galaxy S5- This was designed by Nina to reflect Brazilian pop art and add some color into your summer!  This card has a code that you can redeem for your free limited edition case!  Expires 8/31/14.
I have the S3.  I think its time to upgrade.
Value: $45
MELISSA + Zaha Hadid Jelly Shoe–  Okay.  I know what you are thinking.  Hey, I’m thinking it, too!  Yes, this is ridiculous.  My mind is boggling trying to come up with why this is cool… Really, its actually super cute, I love the design but what on earth am I supposed to do with this?!  Maybe I could put it in my garden and plant sedums in it or something.  Hmm…
Value: I have no idea.  It’s worth pretty much nothing to me so I’m going with zero. 😛
Red Flower Italian Bood Orange Refreshing Hand and Face Towelette–  So there’s only one of these.  But the feeling I get is that we were supposed to get a full pack.  Nina’s comments in the letter specifically speak of these in the plural.  I’m not a fan of the Red Flower brand but I’ll always use a towelette.
Value: $1

Spenglish Muito Cool Baseball Cap–  Another collaboration with Spenglish.  This is the item that is to commemorate the World Cup in the box.  Honestly, I would have been happy with a key chain.  I am not the age or type or maybe even gender to pull of this hat.  Gah.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t even be caught dead in this thing.
Value: ~$20
Nest Fragrances Votive Candle in Grapefruit–  I love candles.  I love Nest candles, too, but they are quite expensive so I don’t buy them.  I am so happy to have this AND to get it in a seriously delicious flavor.  Nina says she burns these candles constantly and these are her go-to summer candle fragrances- Grapefruit, Bamboo and Sicilian Orange.
Value: $14
Ella Earbuds by Frendz in Gold–  These are gorgeous!  Wow!  Nina says everyone is using tech so why should it be boring!  Make a statement with these gorgeous earbuds.  They even have a remote control and a speaker.  They’re made for Apple products so the remote won’t work with my S5 but they’re perfectly pretty and useful!  I’d never pay $100 for them, though.

Here’s a close up:
So pretty!
Value: $100

VERDICT: This box has a retail value of $400.  Here’s what I like: Joico K-Pak, Hawaiian Tropic, Ella Earbuds, Nest Candle, nail polish, lipstick, Oribe texturizing spray, Surya Brasil shave gel and the Otterbox case code.  I don’t like either clutch and the shoe is ridiculous.  The baseball cap is not muito cool with me either.  So for me the box was worth about $225.  Worth it.
I got introduced to new brands, got products I know I’ll love, and are definitely useful.  As with all subscription boxes, it’s going to be very rare that I like every single thing I receive.  I am a little bummed I don’t like either of the clutches but I’m still in this for #NGQ04!

What about you?  I know I’m not the only one that hated the KOKU clutch!!