Only 7 Days left to get your June 2014 TRANSFORM/MLG Loot Crate!

June’s Loot Crate has a theme of Transform and also includes goodies from Major League Gaming. You’ll get a one month pass to GameBattles Premium.

I’ve received one Loot Crate so far and that was the Legend of Zelda/Adventure Time crate. Wow! What a fantastic crate! The T-shirt was awesome and the Adventure Time goodies were fun.

This June box is going to be just as good. I’m interested in the Classic Transformer Collectibles and the T-shirt we are guaranteed to receive! I loved the old cartoon series. I also watched the Go-Bots, too, of course. I’m pretty sure I NEED some epic Transformer collectibles. I’m hoping for something Bumblebee, Jazz or Ratchet. I wouldn’t mind if they stuck a Cy-Kill or Leader-1 from the Go-Bots in either…

The Cost: $13.37/month (that always makes me smile)

What You Get: Awesome gamer l00tz and occasionally exclusive T-shirts (like this month and last month).
If you played Wolfenstein I’m pretty sure this is the crate for you. If you like 2D scrollers, this is the crate for you. If you spend 20 hours of the day glued to your computer screen and have upgraded your graphics card at least twice, you need this. If you are still living in your mother’s basement you might want to save your money so you can pay for rent on your own place.

If you play DOTA every waking moment and you watched the tournament, this crate will make you happy.

If you played WoW, DragonAge, Aion, Vanguard, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Tera, Titan Quest, Sacred, Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, every Fable and all the Monkey Island games like I did, then you will probably like this box.

“This month Loot Crate announced that they had partnered with Major League Gaming! There is an official MLG item (AND a one month pass to GameBattles Premium!) in this month’s crate to celebrate the Anaheim Pro Circuit Event! If you are a fan of MLG or eSports in general you should definitely signup for this month’s crate”

So if you would like to sign up, head over to Loot Crate and do it! Use code TRANSFORM to get 10% off any length subscription or use JUNELOOT to get $3 off one month! This crate is a lot of fun, I highly suggest trying it at least for the T-shirt this month! It’s worth more than the price you pay for the crate.